How to Use MxSPY Whatsapp Spy App

WhatsApp spy apps have become a necessary tool for companies, parents, and anyone who needs to monitor any Whatsapp activities of benefactors. There is a lot of secret communications and bullying via WhatsApp.

MxSPY enables you to spy details the target WhatsApp accounts. You can be able to get the contact of the chat companions and access their videos and photos. This app is a legal spy app with certain limits are put in place. For example, a parent can legally spy on their kid’s WhatsApp provided they are minors.

Companies can also use this app to spy on their employee’s phones as long as the company owns the phone their employees use, and the employees are aware that the phones are being monitored.



This spy app has come with an added feature that allows it to monitor other phone activities effectively effectively. You can use this spy app to view your target correspondence’s text messages, call log history and check their text emails.

When the device enters defined boundaries, it has a Geo-fencing feature that notifies you and also acts as a virtual barrier. This whatsapp spy app also makes it possible for you to delete stolen information from your target phone.

This app is 100% undetectable which mean that you will be able to monitor every aspect of their phone without being detected. This app is best compatible with iPhone. The app has other features like GPS tracking, monitoring phone calls, tracking WhatsApp, Log keywords typed, Sms, Skype messages, Facebook, and also internet browsing history.

How it Works

Every time there is a user interaction with the target phone, the reports will be sent to your web-based account which will allow you to monitor them from the phone or computer using internet connection. To begin monitoring all you need is install the app on the target phone, which takes less than ten minutes.

When the app is installed, you will gain full access to the data flowing through the phone. The logs are presented on your online dashboard allows you to access the app by logging into it through the MxSPY official website.

If you are an insecure period which is worried about their child getting involved with dangerous crowds, this spy app might be the best for you. It also helps you protect your child from cyberbullying because it will help you monitor their incoming and outgoing messages on their WhatsApp and other chat apps like Facebook and Skype.

Since MxSPY has been in the market for a couple of years now, you can trust its effectiveness. The app has a “no jailbreak required” feature that allows you to spy on an iPad or iPhone without having to jailbreak them.

If you get into any technical difficulties while using this app, you can be able to ask any question by contacting the customer support since its 24/7. The developers also update the app’s servers, software, and more to ensure that you get the best possible service.


MxSPY can be installed on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms and well as Mac and Windows desktop platforms. This allows to easily monitor the target’s smartphones and computers from a single web-based account. However, you need to gain access to their phone to install this software. Once you install it, the app becomes hidden allowing you to work stealthily.