How to Remove Save Defense Spyware from Your Computer

Save Defense is one of the latest spywares to hit the computers across the globe and it is spreading rapidly through the internet. Save Defense is yet another program that looks like a legitimate protection tool but in reality it is a dangerous spyware that is capable of stealing your identity and personal details. If you have a personal computer or a laptop and use it to browse the internet frequently, then you must check for the presence of Save Defense on your system and take steps to remove it immediately. Click here: remote installation cell phone spy

Save Defense can install itself on your machine when you visit a website infected with this spyware. Obviously the risk is greater when you visit questionable websites such as P2P or warez sites. The infected website can pass Save Defense to your machine through a security loophole. Once your computer is infected, you will see lots of security warnings through pop-up or taskbar messages. Apart from that, there are lots of other symptoms that indicate that your computer is infected with Save Defense. The more serious indications include sluggish system performance, new and strange program icons on your desktop, system crashes, browser redirects etc. If you experience any such problems, then you must take steps to scan your computer and remove Save Defense immediately.

How to remove Save Defense spyware from your computer?

You can remove Save Defense in two ways – manually or by using an automatic removal tool. The manual method is risky and should not be attempted if you do not have good experience in dealing with Windows registry or programs. Essentially it involves locating all Save Defense related entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_USER registry folder and then stopping and deleting the offending programs and processes. You must ensure that you delete all traces of the Save Defense from your machine otherwise it will simply regenerate itself when you reboot your computer. Click here to read more: remote installation cell phone spy

Since the manual removal of Save Defense is risky, it is advisable to use an automatic spyware removal tool. There are lots of tools that claim to get rid of Save Defense but you must stick to the best tools. You can browse through the list of such tools on reputed download sites such as CNET or Tucows and select a tool with high rating. Most of the spyware removal tools provide a free trial version, so you can get rid of Save Defense for free.