How to hack Android phone remotely – Deactivate Network Hoggers

I can bet one of the most searched questions nowadays especially due to the heavy use of smartphones is “how to hack Android phone remotely. This has definitely increased demand for the development of phone hacking apps. One of those apps is the Wi-Fi Kill. This app is a great hacking tool for Android devices. When using this tool, you can disable a device’s internet connection if it is connected to your network. You can also enjoy the full bandwidth of the internet connection by blocking off others. Quite a good solution for those parasite neighbors who like to hog on your Wi-Fi without your knowledge or permission. In the real sense, the app blocks the packet data from going into a device. Due to its simple user interface, any rookie user can use this hacking app.

hack a phone

How does it work?

When Wi-Fi-Kill is running and your mobile phone is connected to a public Wi-Fi network, the app will deceive other devices within the same network to think that your device is a router. This will make them want to try connecting to the internet through you. Wi-Fi-Kill then goes ahead and cuts off the connections of these devices. How about that for calling the shots?

What are the app’s features?

  • Ability to see all devices in the same Wi-Fi network as you
  • The app can show the data transfer rate, that is, download and upload activities of these identified devices
  • You can monitor the network activity of any device using Wi-Fi
  • You can see the names of the devices connected to the network
  • It works on multiple devices besides mobile phones, such as tablets and it supports Android 4+
  • Most significantly, you can drop off the network connection of any device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you

In the current updated version (v2.3.2), the app can grab traffic information from all devices connected to the same network. It also shows internet usage of other devices and their NetBIOS names. In other words, you can call this app an internet snitch! A very helpful snitch though, might I add.

This is a great solution for deterring any leeches to even think they stand a chance to leech off you and your hard earned money. Some people can be very selfish, that is, they do not want to invest in their own Wi-Fi network connection. Surprisingly (or not), these are the same people who always have the largest files to download, play heavy games or conduct any business that will require heavy internet use. Which leads to serious inconveniences to other users within the same network.

If this is a major problem for you, or you just want a clear uninterrupted internet session without downtimes, this could just be the solution you have been searching for.  Go ahead and disable internet for network monopolizers, without any guilt on your part. Especially if you are the one who foots the majority of the cost of running the network.