4 Apps to Spy on Your Spouse without Them Knowing

How can you spy your spouse? You can either pay for a private detective or use one of the apps mentioned below.

In this case, stealth feature is mandatory and it can truly make a difference.

Each spy app mentioned below can help you determine is your spouse faithful or there are some secrets in her/his life.

Oh yes, these apps are far better than hiring a private detective and they are certainly more affordable.

  1. FlexiSpy

Now, if you want to use this app, but you are concerned about the privacy of your spouse’s phone, you should skip to the second best choice.

In general, the app is the ultimate alternative. It is loaded with features and it has more than 150 of them.

You can track calls, intercept them, spy on messages, data and private files.

Drawbacks include the price. It isn’t very affordable. Anyway, this is perhaps a complete spy software out there.


  • More than 150 features
  • Great User interface
  • Full device tracking and spying
  • One license can be transferred to another device


  • An iPhone must be jailbroken
  • Maybe an expensive alternative
  1. 9SpyApps

You are going to love this mobile spy app, due to a simple reason.

It is the only app on the market that allows you to track gambling on a targeted device.

For example, if your spouse has a gambling addiction, the app is just perfect for you.

The app will monitor the gambling apps and games installed on the device.

There is no need to mention that other, standard features are supported, so yes, you can track contacts, messages, and calls from a targeted device.

In addition, there is also an option which allows you to check out browsing history, also needed if a spouse is a gambler.

The app is completely stealth and it cannot be detected using conventional methods. Spying on your spouse is extremely simple using the 9SpyApps.


  • Only app that tracks gambling
  • Loaded with features
  • Nice charts in the app
  • Needed features are supported


  • An iPhone must be jailbroken
  • Lack of one-month subscription
  1. Copy9

The name of the spy app certainly sounds amazing.

In essence, the app is just right for most of the users who want to spy on their spouse and to check out IM and etc.

The main advantage is the fact the app allows you to track the data in real time.

It is great to use all the time and it cannot be detected.

One thing we liked is the ability to record conversations performed via Whatsapp, Hangout and etc.

In the lack of a better term, the app is powerful and comes with all the features you are going to need.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • The app which allows you to spy on Whatsapp, Hangout and etc.
  • Cheap app
  • Great control panel


  • Drains the battery
  • iPhone must be jailbroken
  1. MxSpy

This has to be the best spy phone app for most of you.

First of all, it is 100% stealth, meaning that there is no icon on the home screen, nor there would be anyway a target can detect the app.

It won’t appear in the app section, in the task manager nor anywhere else as a matter of fact.

As such, the app is more than just great. Then we have the features.

The app allows you to track calls, messages, Facebook activity, emails and also to use GPS to discover the exact location of an iPhone.

Furthermore, the app is compatible with Apple, Android, Blackberry and even Symbian devices.

One of the interesting features is SIM change alert. Basically, you will be notified if a user changes the SIM card.


  • Ultimate stealth app
  • Compatible with all devices used today
  • SIM change notification feature
  • Can pinpoint the user location


  • Requires jailbroken iPhone
  • There is no option to purchase for one month only, so it is expensive


Each mobile spy here is special.

First of all, they are newer apps, so they come with additional advantages.

Then, we have the fact all apps are loaded with features which are mandatory if you want to spy on your spouse.

Overall, all of these apps are sophisticated spy software and can be used for other purposes as well.